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Cinematic Finishing LUTs 2024

Cinematic Finishing LUTs 2024

Introducing my latest Cinematic Finishing LUTs for your videos! After years (literally) of testing and tweaking these LUTs I am excited to finally be launching 6 new looks for you to dial in your videos. Whether you're looking for a consistent finish across your videos, or to add mood, or depth to your storytelling, these LUTs have been created to take your colors that final step without compromising image quality or skin tones.


The Posh LUT is my classic, works on everything LUT. 

The T&O adds a contrasty Teal and Orange vibe without over cooking your footage.

The Radiator LUT adds warms across the whole image

The Desaturated LUT brings us to the moody side and adds a subtle grunge to your footage

The Dark Knight is a powerful LUT that adds blue hues and moody tones without compromising skin tones

The Color Blind Blue is the deepest and bluest LUT to add intense mood to late night rollers or any shots.


Finishing LUTs are designed to be added to already coloured footage and to add the final touches to your video. Finishing LUTs add consistency across your edit and can elevate your color grade in seconds. If you are using your phone footage, an action camera, or a professional cinema camera, finishing LUTs are here to take you over the finish line. I am really proud of these looks and excited to be launching them after many years of work.


Additionally I’ve added my Lumix LUT pack for those who want to add these LUTs directly into their Lumix compatible cameras with a VLOG to Rec709 LUT and all my looks (*no color blind blue). These are in (333) format to be able to be read by the Lumix Lab and imported directly into your camera.


*Files are in “.cube” format.Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds. Please do your research on what you are purchasing before buying, and if you run into any issues with the product itself I will do my best to assist you at

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